Silicon and Glass – Sustainable, but how?

SoL Cups are made up of two simple materials; Silicon and handblown glass. Why? Because we at SoL Cups aim to help people move from a throwaway mindset to a more environmentally supportive one, so we can all be kind to the world around us. .. and how is silicon and glass better than plastic?


Plastic Free July – What is it?

You’ve probably heard it time and again; we need to cut down on our plastic use and drastically. Now, before you leave this article and think it’s all about being ‘hippie, and saving the planet from being doomed’, just listened out to what it actually is and how you can make a positive difference this July..


The top HOT drinks to heal your body this winter..

WINTER IS HERE! Despite the worldly population thinking (read: saying) that Australia is the sunny country that never gets cold, we very much have a winter here with single-digits temperatures – especially the further down south you travel. So it’s not all board shorts and thongs all year round, though you may find a few


Our Top 5 Cafes in Bondi

When i’m not in the office, I am most definitely in one of my favourite locals at Bondi. It’s taken me some time to narrow down this list to my top 5, but it can definitely be said, if you can’t find me by mobile, i’m probably hiding away at one of the below.  


Mr. Turner and his morning coffee

  This one is for my Coffee Snobs. Nothing beats walking in the door of your favourite cafe to the clicking sound of the bean grinder and the bitter-sweet aroma of coffee beans as it sensually manoeuvres it’s way through the air until it layers itself into your lungs like velvet. If you’re not familiar with Sydney, Melbourne, or


Sol steps into the office

A Healthy Lifestyle Begins At Work The 40-hour working week is a thing of the past. A 2015 survey found that half of full-time American employees now spend more time at work than with family or on their own. The new average has risen to 47 hours per week, with 21% of respondents stating they


Understanding the soul behind SoL: The back story.

In the iconic Sydney beachside suburb of Bondi, we decided to transform a recurring problem into a real life solution, so we created Australia’s most health-conscious and seriously sexy reusable glass. Health – both physical and mental – is vitally important to myself and my family, and SoL Cups tick all of our wellbeing and sustainability


Healthy Guts, Body and Sol …

Recently SoL had the pleasure to chat with our good friends at Probiotic Foods, here is their blog below: Whilst probiotics can heal your gut and provide you with absorbable nutrition, there are so many external potential health risks and hazards in our environment and lifestyle we can’t control. The morning ritual of a cup of