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Stay Eco and Travel the World | What to Pack?

As Sol Cups have proven over time, helping the planet doesn't need to be difficult Stay Eco and Travel You might think that travelling the world and staying away from plastic is impossible. I must admit it can be quite challenging at times. Especially when you are...

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Support Local Businesses – The Go Green Expo

Support & Connect Here at Sol Cups, we're all about supporting each other. We want to help and grow with other small businesses. We love the aspect of community and we love helping each other grow in positive ways. If you didn't know already, we also started out...

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Leading the Way as a Sustainable Coffee Company

Coffee Time Whilst working in a cafe in Auckland, I recently came across a little booklet that had been left by our coffee bean suppliers #allpress. I was really impressed to read all about how they are aiming to be as sustainble as they can be when it comes to doing...

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2019. Ways to be More Eco-friendly

It's time to stop being the throwaway generation and time to start being the thoughtful generation. 2018 Wow we really did hit so many miles stones when it came to spreading the knowledge about the impact we as humans are having on the planet. Here's to making an even...

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Become more sustainable. Become more green.

Coming into the New Year it's easy to get caught up in resolutions to aspire to for the coming year ahead. Often the goals you set are usually out the door by February (guilty) and they then become the next years problem. This year for myself I didn’t want it to be...

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The Biggest Threats to the Ocean

Gone are the days of living the slow life, but that doesn't mean it's too late to reverse our bad habits. So Stressed Out The ocean is under a great deal of stress at the moment and that mainly comes down to the actions of us, the human race. We seem to be on a...

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