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The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 3.

Welcome back to The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 3. Today we're going to be talking about ways in which you can reduce your plastic consumption whilst on the move. I am currently writing this blog post whilst sat at Starbucks in Kuala Lumper airport, sipping a...

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#Solmate Highlight: Y-WASTE

Here at SoL, we are always so inspired and empowered by our friends journeys and storis, It is so exciting to see all the extraordinary things locals in our community are achieving, so we wanted to share the journey of Y-Waste!  Y-Waste is an app that illuminates the...

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#SoLStraws | New Addition to the Collection

Half a million straws are used in the world every day. They are one of the top polluters on our beaches and harmful to animals #EmbraceTasteEndWaste #SoLStraws The Firing Line Straws have recently come under the firing line after a video emerged online of one being...

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The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 2 .

Welcome to Part 2. After posting The Plastic Free Kickstarter Part 1. a couple of weeks ago now. We have had great feedback and a great response in terms of people wanting to gain more knowledge. So we are back! With even more information for you guys, and Part 2 of...

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The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 1 .

If you ask me, it's the best trend to date! Drop it Low Welcome to Part 1. So you want to cut down on your plastic consumption? Maybe you want to quit it all together or maybe you want to start slow. Either way, I'm here to ease you in and make it the smoothest...

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Educating the System | Recycle + Reuse

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle Recycle & Reuse. That's what we are all about these days right? What if we don't know where to start... Resturants, cafes, bars. Even at home, I have been surrounded by people either working or living with them, who simply do not know...

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