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Bursting the Balloon by #SOLMATE Rocket & Honey

"From oceans to lakesides, from deserts to forests; balloons are being found in the most pristine and wild habitats" - Balloon Time Let's talk a tad more serious for a little bit. I'm always trying to keep my blog posts super positive and upbeat, but sometimes a...

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The Winter Tonic by #SOLMATE Rocket & Honey

   Think of it like a healthy ice tea with an extra bit of magic! It's Tonic Time With winter quickly approaching, I'm noticing more and more people around me dropping like flies when it comes to getting ill. People are off work, spluttering all over the place and...

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Meet the #SoLteam

It is not everyday you get to say you LOVE work, but lucky for me, I do, every single day. I LOVE WORK. I love the people that surround me and I am so grateful to be on this journey with them. That i get to get to follow my passions and my visions of a greener,...

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