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Welcome back to The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 3. Today we’re going to be talking about ways in which you can reduce your plastic consumption whilst on the move. I am currently writing this blog post whilst sat at Starbucks in Kuala Lumper airport, sipping a smoothie out of my #lifestraw bottle with my bamboo straw. Yes, they gave me a few funny looks but they were happy to oblige when I simply stated that I didn’t want to use plastic.

If you’re somebody who travels frequently you will most likely be used to seeing the amount of plastic that is consumed by one single person on a flight. Think about how many people are on each flight and how many flights there are a day. That’s just from that airport let alone all the others around the world. Is your mind blown, because mine definitely is.

Which is why I thought it about time I share with you guys some of my best travel hacks. Which is going to help you stay away from the ridiculous amount of plastic that is usually involved with travelling. Make an effort to focus on your journey being as ethical as possible.

Part 3 – On the Go

Exploring the world is something we all want to do, and must do at some point in our lives. As of last week, I have now been on the move for over two years. I left England in 2016 and I still haven’t been back yet…hopefully, that will be changing soon!

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that I have done a lot of travelling over the past two years. I’ve also seen the negative effects that plastic is having on not only our oceans but also our land and people. I have seen tiny islands in the middle of nowhere with crazy amounts of washed up plastic. I’ve seen dead coral and fish inside plastic bottles under the ocean surface. I’ve seen local communities burn plastic to get rid of it, and I’ve also seen how it is affecting their health. This is why we need to share the knowledge as much as we can.

Let’s get straight to the point here, and share the goodies

Lifestraw Bottle

This is literally my all time favourite purchase that I have recently made!

When I last travelled around Asia I was shocked at how much plastic I was having to purchase. This was mainly down to the fact that you can’t drink the tap water. So you are always buying new bottles of water.

Travelling Asia was the big lightbulb for me. When I got to Australia, I realised how bad our plastic addiction is. I also now knew where it was ending up. I decided that destroying the world through a habit that could so easily be avoided wasn’t something that I wanted to be a part of. So I started educating myself as much as I could to find ways in which I could make a difference in my daily life.

Since travelling pretty much is my daily life, a #lifestraw bottle is a necessity. As it should be for every single person living or travelling in a place without drinkable water. I’m only 15hours into my current flight journey and it’s already made such a difference. Especially when I got my smoothie from Starbucks in it rather than in their plastic cups. They also kindly filled it up with hot water so I could use my tea I bought from home to have a cuppa.

Shop the #lifestraw

Make an effort to focus on your journey being as ethical as possible

Be the Cool Kid with a Cool Lunchbox!

Don’t even get me started on how many cool lunchboxes there are out there… I think I may be slightly obsessed. This cute little Elephant Lunch Box is one of my favourites. It is also another thing that has saved my life whilst exploring the world. It’s not only great for keeping all your snacks in one place, but it’s also great for having with you when hunger strikes.

You probably don’t realise this, but most places are really accommodating. More often than not they will be happy to put any food you order into your box rather than there’s. Obviously asking nicely and with a smile helps. Plus people actually have no understanding of why you are asking to use your own packaging, so take every opportunity to spread the word and educate others.

This Bamboo Lid Lunch Box is also super cute


Headphones. The Rubbish ones are The Best

I’m assuming we all have a pair of old headphones lying around somewhere at home. You know just the old school ones with a wire that plugs in anywhere and are super reliable? Yes, those! Go find them and keep a pair in your bag. You’re going to need them if you want to watch movies on the plane.

I have been caught out on this one too many times to not have a spare pair in my bag permanently. You see I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones, so I hardly ever carry the wire around. Unfortunately, I was faced with a nightmare when I had an 11-hour plane journey and my headphones but no wire.

You definitely want to avoid using the single-use headphones they give you that come wrapped in plastic.


Cutlery on The Go

This might seem like a simple one, but if you’re on long haul flights you’ll be surprised by how many flipping plastic cutlery sets they try to give you. Make sure you always have your reusable set with your straw handy so you don’t have to use their plastic covered in plastic ones. So although this is a simple one, it is also probably one of the most effective ones.

I purchased a bamboo one, but to be honest I got given a plastic set at some point that is a lot strong and better. So although it is still plastic, trust me when I say it has had multiple uses and is 100%, not single use. So find one that works for you and use it and use it over and over again.


Sol Style

Of course, I couldn’t end this blog post without mentioning my all time favourite product for travelling the world with.

The Sol Cup 8oz is the perfect size for taking around the world with you. This has saved my life and plastic consumption on more than one occasion. It especially saved my life on that one flight where I couldn’t sleep and was desperate for a glass of wine, but obviously didn’t want it in plastic, it even helped with the whiskey and sprite I had after the red wine.

Sol Cups really do have a wonderful use. Plus they can even double up as a bowl for takeaway salad or ice cream 🙂 mmmm, my favourite.

Get yours now. 




Lesson #3 Complete

More knowledge spread, Woop Woop I guess that means I’m doing my job right. Enjoy your plastic free travels and don’t forget to tag us whenever you feel like you do something that was inspired by you favourite #solmates here at #Solcups.

It definitely takes practice and organisation to stay avoid plastic whilst on the road. However the majority of the time you’d be surprised at how achievable it is.

I can’t wait to see you back here for The Plastic Free Kickstarter | Part 4. 

Keep aiming for #planetlove

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