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Plastic Free Kit – 8oz

$99.99 incl. GST

Meet your ultimate plastic free kit. She’s going to have you ending waste and embracing taste in no time. With a SoL cup, bottle, straw kit, tote and pouch you will be decked out while saving the environment! CHOOSE YOUR COLOURS AND ADD TO CART BELOW
1 × SoL Cup - 8oz
$27.99 incl. GST
1 × SoL Bottles
$44.95 incl. GST

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$19.99 incl. GST

23 in stock

$9.50 incl. GST

20 in stock


We believe that when you feel free to be yourself, you can impact the world around you. Show up and show some soul, and change is yours for the taking. We are for ending waste and embracing taste.