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Coffee Time

Whilst working in a cafe in Auckland, I recently came across a little booklet that had been left by our coffee bean suppliers #allpress. I was really impressed to read all about how they are aiming to be as sustainble as they can be when it comes to doing what they do best: Spreading the joy of good coffee.

Enjoy every brew knowing you are in the best possible hands.

So let’s cut to the chase. You may be wondering how All Press is sustainble and if its goodwill for sustainability translates equally into how ethical it is as a company. I was wondering exactly the same thing. Which is why I decided to delve a little deeper and find out more about the production of the beans. I also wanted to know more about the packaging and overall sustainability behind the products.

Sustainble Packaging

AllPress are taking it one step at a time when it comes to making sure their packaging is sustainble. Since 2011, their coffee cups have been certified commercially compostable. Their coffee bags are also reusable. When we open a fresh batch of beans at the cafe, we immediately fill the bag with old coffee grains. We then put it outside the cafe for people to take for their compost and gardens. I think this is such a great way of double using products and really getting the most out of not only the packaging but also the beans.

Recently a massive shift in public action has been made towards re-usable products being a must. Single-use plastic is slowly becoming a big NO. The next aim for society is for us to focus on keeping these compostable, natural organic waste products out of landfills. Allpress Espresso is definitely doing their bit, if not more.

It’s estimated 500 billion takeaway coffee cups are produced globally every year and the majority end up in landfill.

Lazy Sundays

We all know that in reality, the best option would be for us to slow down our lives slightly. Maybe it’s time to start leaving home earlier. Let’s take that extra five minutes to sit down, read a magazine and drink our coffees in peace. Obviously, we are aware that in this day an age that isn’t always possible. Which is why we think Sol Cups are the perfect companion to go with your All Press Coffee

To us lazy Sundays should be compulsory, family comes before Facebook and a day spent by the beach is the best way to wind down.


One of the main by-products of roasting coffee is the hessian sacks that the green coffee beans arrive in. Which is why AllPress have put a lot of focus into finding ways these can be reused.

In 2010 AllPress decided to make a change. They started their Recycle-a-Sack initiative – an easy gold coin in exchange for a coffee sack. All money raised goes to local schools. Over the years more than $50,000 has been donated which is absolutely incredible. Not only are the coffee sacks getting a second life but it’s helping children at schools also.

I have recently exchanged some gold coins for a coffee sack and it is the perfect size and material for composting in my garden. There are so many other ways you can use it. Get in touch and let share your re-usable suggestions with us @solcups


When it comes to the ethical side of things, AllPress is all about making sure their farmers are in good hands. They educate the farmers so they have the knowledge to produce the best possible beans. AllPress has four main origins in its core blend. The two main ones being from Brazil and Colombia. As you can imagine it is in their best interest to treat their farmers with the respect they deserve to get the best beans possible.

The above is just one of the many lessons we have learnt from trips to the origins. We owe it to the pickers to not waste a single bean.

AllPress regularly make trips to go see the farmers and find out more about the production of their green beans. It matters to them. The happier the farmers the better the beans. So sharing knowledge is key when it comes to good quality production. It’s great to know that a company as big as AllPress respect every single member in their team, as without one it would not work.

Shop Responsibly

If you’re a #solmate I’m guessing sustainability is something that is close to your heart. Which is why it is important to not only do your part the carrying around your amazing Sol Cup but also making sure the coffee you are getting have its priorities in order.

Shop responsibly and do your research. It’s not just about the cup but also about the coffee.

Find out more about #allpress and their ethics, head over to their Community page for some super interesting reads


Head to our blog to read more around what YOU can do to make a difference.

Love Annie